This is the most quiet summer I every had. Having the privilege to work outside-from-office, I started a fresh lifestyle which emphasizes on fitness, health, caring and career. Jogging three times a week, eat home cook food most of the time, have sweet time with people I love, do something for others… I also want to be goal-orientated at work because I really look forward for launching of the e-Learning website for Mandarin learners.

Enjoying a cup of green tea latte and an apple strudel with vanilla sauce, while browsing through some news and articles was a great way to start off my day. I went to the library during my ‘lunch break’ to check out some self-enrichment books. I picked up a book on happiness, it was about Ian’s life in New York City and how he realized that he could be happier. You know, life in city is hectic if you’re trying to live a quality life. Reading was such an enjoyable moment that I want to put it into my schedule, even when school recommence.


Then I came across Thich Nhat Hanh’s film -Peace in Every Step, which also teaches me about happiness. In the film, TNH tells story about Vietnam wars which happened 10 yrs ago: how Vietnamese and Americans suffer from it, including himself. TNH recovered from the bad emotions and did not keep hatred within himself despite of losing his family. As we know, hatred is a poison to happiness. “If you have hatred, you must have not been thinking deep enough,” said TNH. The American soldiers back then thought that they want victory so that the war could end soon to reduce sufferings. So the soldiers did a lot of killing. Some soldiers were living under a black shadow after the war because they realize that they doesn’t hate the victims in person while they kill, but has caused non-ending sufferings to the Vietnamese. TNH shared that there was once, he was in a temple performing meditation with the other Vietnamese. They hear sound of flying bombs and they decided to walk out to help the casualties. TNH’s now calling for world peace, war shouldn’t happen.

thich nhat-arcade-movie-1353422181-

“Meditation is not just focusing on oneself, you can’t be alone, just inter-being alone. You smile when you see the people you love smiles. We need family and friends in our life.” TNH shared his thought. TNH again teaches me philosophy of life. True happiness is initiated from meditation: to practice thinking deeply in every step you take. When there’s no hatred, no attachment and no ignorance, happiness is created internally.



I woke up in pain in the middle of the night just before the first day of exam. This is such an important semester for me as my exam grades will affect my chances of taking up internship positions in Hong Kong. I was super upset while suffering from stomachache that night. Having diagnosed with gastroenteritis (a.k.a viral infection in intestine, not gastric), I was so worried that I might not be able to sit for the paper to be held in few hours time. I sent a letter of apology to my lecturer to keep him noted. That’s not the main concern afterwards. Nausea started and stomachache didn’t last. Having no appetite is the worst condition ever as I knew that my body wouldn’t recover without food.

When I was sleepless on bed, random thoughts flew into my mind. Which meal made me sick? Why am I sick during exam period? I really need someone by my side to bring me food and show some caring… Will anyone be around when my friends and I are getting busier in life? What if my parents are around now? Will I be able to overcome the physical challenges as I grow older? Will I be brave enough to fight cancer if I have to undergo lots of pain? Lots of questions in my mind. I have even come across question like should I commit suicide when I became a burden to the people I love one day. Random thoughts occupied my mind and I find them worth thinking. This moment reminds you of what you really need in life more than what you want.

I was so upset and pain that I just want to lye on the bed for 24 hours so that I will be able to recover ASAP to get back to work. But I realized that I that will not recover without intake of food after 6 hours of sleep. Food wasn’t as delicious as they were supposed to. Even water makes me feel like vomiting. I think my partner seems to have successfully convinced or forced me to have something. Thank you darling for the sweet soup (hot sugar water & longan & geiji, but has successfully prevented period pain for lots of times), and you’re one of the sweetest people I meet in life. You’ve significantly helped me in recovering, aside from the hours of sleep and medicines prescribed that I had taken.

Some tips on food consumption after appetite gets better after any disease that causes diarrhea or vomit. Take food that are easily digestible such as bananas, vegetables and chicken. Take sweet soup if you don’t feel like swallowing anything. Preventing dehydration during the first 24 hours after diarrhea or vomit starts is essential. Avoid any milk products upon recovery.

Love Learning


念了三年的大学,知道学分这种事情重要,但不是大学的唯一。领悟到了人只要有目标才会精彩。我用了两年的时间改变了自己的工作态度和提升自己的思考能力以及与人相处的技能,更克服了我对于难题和对于自己三分钟热度的恐惧。看着同龄朋友大学毕业典礼的照片,不竟开始幻想自己在毕业之际泪流满面的画面 xD


Doggy in the House



顿时也发现虽然节俭是美德,但挣钱也是为了生活开心一点,该消费的就不要太计较。花钱要有规划。培养兴趣,譬如品尝茶和咖啡,旅行做义工之类的,一样需要花少少的钱,但生活的乐趣也可就多了。一个人、两个人、三个人的时候…… 也不再害怕dead air,倒是有更多的东西切磋与探讨。


We Live Together






2014-07-01 19.23.52
清镇红枫湖旁绿油油的稻田 本地居民栽种食物喂自己镇里的人
2014-07-06 10.47.29
2014-07-06 10.51.57
数生步 -走过365天找寻自己的生日之石头 寻找人生道路之际不忘观赏周边美景
2014-07-06 17.00.45
乘船入龙宫 -天然资源被开发 成为艺术展览的景点 洞内石头的形状 -公主卧室、葡萄园、鳄鱼吊水
2014-07-06 17.26.40
象征性的物质文化 在景点各处
2014-07-06 12.28.51
美丽的黄果树瀑布 是徐霞客马山涉水的痕迹
2014-07-07 16.55.03
西江千户苗寨 观赏苗族表演 吃吃苗族饭菜 看看苗族房屋建设
2014-07-09 10.07.54
低价购买全手工银器 全靠控拜苗族铁匠的技术
2014-07-08 13.15.58
美丽的剪纸的另种销售方式 机械制造 价钱廉宜

Exam Fighter

不再是朋友曾经称我做的 “大忙人”

也在在 “计划未来” 和 “珍惜当下” 之间找到了个平衡点

偶尔喜欢想想现在的自己跟以往的自己哪里不同了, 是否更加喜欢现在的自己了



Reading Week Year 2





两边脸颊都红彤彤的我回到了校园,只是稍微做了点作业。倒是吃了姐妹不少软糖(我会还的>,<)。我想大学生的生活真的非常棒,我是该勤力前去学习和了解自己未来想要的生活模式的,不辜负父母长辈和自己的努力。我要做个快乐的人 🙂

Service trip at Qufu, China

The Unexpected- Worms to be eaten

2014-01-12 17.44.10

Met a girl who can spend one hour doing photography for the same people with the same background


Kindergarten kids love drawing and they don’t know that they shouldn’t use a marker pen on a black board. Ishh!


I chose to memorize 30 Chinese Ancient Proverbs in order to get a free ticket worth RMB300. And I got a free ticket by memorizing just 19 of them because I’m a Malaysian XD (and the judge is obviously kind enough)


I really don’t know where to look for a proper toilet besides the hotel.

2014-01-08 12.30.20

Friends of similar interest

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The Smart Secondary School Kids -thirsty for knowledge and hard working.

2014-01-09 11.22.042014-01-09 11.02.57

3 Years Old Kindergarten Kids -good at bullying adults (look at what this poor guy behind me has to deal with in the first picture). Exhausted after spending 2 hours with them. They just go crazy.

kindergarten2014-01-08 16.37.51

Knowing the Culture of One More Place on Planet

2014-01-11 16.25.02

Good food

2014-01-12 17.42.062014-01-12 17.37.24

Experience Winter

2014-01-11 16.20.392014-01-08 13.36.36

Work for Yourself